It seems like just yesterday this little booger was crawling around with his stuffed yeti, reading books with his parents, and sharing his toys with me in between clicks of my shutter.¬† Even though he’s already grown so much since this amazing session with this sweet family, I had to share this oldie-but-goodie nonetheless.

This little family of four has made their home in the mountains and is raising their little dude to be as hip as they are, with a turntable in his nursery and jam sessions on a regular basis- he’s definitely going to be the “cool kid” wherever he goes.

Check out some of the photos we got of little W, or as we like to call him – “DJ Wally Walls”.

Song : The Chipmunk Song – Christmas Don’t be Late





Winter in Colorado for an Adorable Rocky Mountain Family

One of the fun things about being a photographer is getting to be involved with so many peoples’ stories, and watching little families grow up and/or into bigger ones. I had the honor of taking Remy’s photos when I first moved to Colorado, and now get to document milestones in the life of their newest addition- little Conor. 

One thing I remember clearly about this session is how crazy it was to be working with kiddos who are so full of energy while I was very large and very pregnant. The other thing I remember is how re-affirming it was to hang out with Hilary & Mark, and see how they managed two little dudes with a smile on their face. Yay for giving me hope during a time when I was feeling very intimidated. 

I hope to connect with this sweet family again before long and see how big these kiddos have gotten! 

Song : Old Pine – Ben Howard

A Fun-Loving Family Session at Mud Lake | The Andraschko Family | Nederland, CO

Family sitting on blue couch holding baby in polka dots

In the mountains outside of Boulder, Colorado resides a small (but badass) family comprised of one outdoor journalist/photographer/guru in all things gear-related, a stylish and passionate editor-in-chief of a home & lifestyle magazine, and last but not least – a spunky little Lala bear who makes her parents so crazy happy.

Though I am always happy to provide direction on wardrobe, location, etc.- Jasmine & Aaron already had the whole scene on lock, which I find to be even more impressive now that I’m also a mother. All I had to do was bust out my camera and start snapping away, and this sweet little family did the rest.

Take a look at the magic we created on this day that already feels like such a long time ago now! Lala has gotten so big and independent, and I couldn’t be happier to have her as a chosen “cousin” to our little dude, Bryce. 

Song : Approaching Lavender – Gordon Lightfoot

In Home Session with a Chic & Modern Power Family | The Bible Family | Boulder, Colorado

This was the very last session I did before having my baby, at which point almost everything I did- including simple tasks like walking up a flight of stairs- was pretty uncomfortable. However, working with these two was so. damn. easy.

Not only are they incredible friends to Bobby & I, but it’s very clear that they are so happy together, and not at all afraid of being their weird selves (aka their best selves) in front of the camera. It probably doesn’t hurt that they’re both incredibly talented photographers (HOLLA >>> &, so they know that just letting go and being who you are is the best way to tell a love story vs. stuffy, unnatural poses.

I could go on and on about how much they’ve done for my little family, how we are so lucky to be their friends & neighbors, and how my life is definitely better with them in it, yada yada yada, but I’ll just let you see how freaking awesome and hilarious they are via a few photos from our shoot. ūüôā Enjoy!


Song : The Weary Kind – Ryan Bingham

Ali & Matt | Modern Mountain Home Couples Session outside of Boulder, Colorado

Somehow the annual Shoot & Share competition has already come and gone, leaving me with what it usually does- a bunch of inspiration from other photographers amazing work, and a little bit of affirmation that I don’t suck at what I do. lol For those of you who don’t know what this competition is, it’s the worlds largest fair & free competition where images are shown by category in groups of four, and voters choose which image they like the most. All of this is done anonymously as to avoid the popularity contest that is so often present on social media.¬†

So here are my results, for those who are interested!

This year I entered the max amount of photos allowed (50), and 39 of them placed in the top 30% or higher in their categories!

  • One placed 17th!
  • 5 placed as “Finalists” which means they were in the top 500 images in their category.
  • 16 placed in the top 10%
  • 11 placed in the top 20%
  • 6 places in top 30%

Above each image, I included where they placed and how many total entries were in the listed category. ūüôā

Thanks to all of the awesome clients & friends I’ve worked with in the past year for being so freaking wonderful in front of the camera! It’s you who people are truly interested in, I just document your beautiful selves!¬†

17/11,412 РThe Wedding Party РTaken at Blackstone Rivers Ranch, Idaho Springs, CO 


131/18,829 РWedding Details 


153/11,412 РThe Wedding Party 


481/45,058 – Wedding Couple


404/11,696 – Ceremony / Reception


226/7,593 – Phone Photography


2,518/27,467 – Lifestyle / Documentary


1,729/17,868 РThe Bride 


1,122/18,829 РWedding Details 


700/11,412 РThe Wedding Party 


611/11,696 РCeremony / Reception 


4,274/45,058 – Wedding Couple

1,028/10,613 РEmotion / Excitement 


782/17,868 РThe Bride 


1,384/17,868 РThe Bride 


1,552/45,058 РWedding Couple 


851/41,257 РFamilies 


1,273/45,058 – Wedding Couple


819/17,868 РThe Bride 


1,243/18,829 – Wedding Details


3,353/45,058 РWedding Couple 


2,266/45,058 РWedding Couple 


2,717/18,829 – Wedding Details


7,694/45,058 – Wedding Couple


8,880/45,058 – Wedding Couple


2,144/18,829 – Wedding Details


1,075/10,613 – Wedding Couple


2,929/25,034 – People Portraits


6,254/39,479 – Newborn


5,577/39,479 – Newborn


6,836/41,257 РFamilies 


5,018/45,058 РWedding Couple 


2,753/25,034 РPeople Portraits 


6,103/27,467 РLifestyle / Documentary 

8,525/41,321 – Babies / Toddlers


10,194/48,578 – Engagement / Couples


10,695/48,578 – Engagement / Couples


10,934/41,257 – Families


8,761/41,257 – Families







As per my self-imposed tradition, I felt it was time to make my year-in-review slash “Best of” blog post for 2018.

Most years I put a decent amount of pressure on myself to truly put time into this post and pick out my single favorite photo from every session/wedding/personal moment I shot throughout the course of the year. This year I’ve decided to give myself grace and just include a bunch of favorites vs. the very best of the best. There are also so many deeply meaningful photos that I missed including as well, because to be honest- I have to give myself a mental break this holiday.

Here’s a quick recap of my 2018:

Professionally, I worked with :

21 wonderful couples on their wedding. I started shoot weddings at the very end of July this year, so 21 between what was essentially August – December was quite a wild ride.
My weddings too me to :

Lake Tahoe, California |  Denver, Aspen/Maroon Bells, Vail, Estes Park, Dillon/Silverthorne, Idaho Springs, Colorado Springs, Grand Lake, Steamboat Springs, Ridgway, Littleton, Beavercreek and Gateway, Colorado  |  Orlando & Winter Park, Florida  |  Phoenix, Arizona

9 couples/engagement sessions. This needs to be higher next year as couples sessions are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!!

10 beautiful families in various stages (maternity & with kiddos)

11 amazing local/small businesses (some multiple times).

Personally : 

I had a baby.

Honestly that could kind of sum up my entire year in the most general terms, as it seems to be a process that has consumed my entire life for the last year+. It’s kind of insane how much your life changes when you have a kid, but not in every way.

We’ve already taken Bryce on 15 flights and many road trips with us to my weddings and on various other adventures. It’s been really exciting to see how well he travels and that my job allows us to all explore so many areas together as a family. Next year we already have travel planned for weddings at the Great Sand Dunes National Park, and even St. Croix USVI!

A couple other notable things from this year : – Got out to Utah (Moab & Bryce Canyon) several times. – Watched Bobby & my friends ice climb in Ouray. – Hiked in the Brainard Lake area for the first time, and also got back on my FAVORITE trail in Colorado (4th of July Trail). – Saw the incredible Gregory Alan Isakov and shed many a tear when he played mine & Bobby’s song- “Idaho”. – Spent Thanksgiving weekend away, visiting the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs with friends who also just had a baby. – Visited friends & family in Ohio 3 times. – Lost a lot of sleep, gained a bunch of weight… yay parenthood!

Anyways, please enjoy scrolling through my year as captured in photographs. These make my heart happy.