What happens when you mix kindness, ambition, hard work & an aptitude for making everything “just right” (Goldilocks style)? A person- and she goes by the name of Lindsey Sachs.

I met Lindsey (of COLLECTIVE/by Sachs) through a mutual friend who thought our careers in the wedding industry and love for couples’ stories would bring us together. She was so right! I’ve talked to many many photographers over the years, but have never met a wedding planner so intent on truly telling a couple’s story and bringing their vision to life.

I was lucky to get to witness her talents first-hand last August when we worked on Rudi & Collin’s wedding together right here in Nederland, which we both are so happy to call our “home base”. As someone who’s shot over 140 weddings, I was amazed at how easily both the rehearsal dinner & wedding came together. I attribute it to the laid back nature of the couple, but more so to Lindsey’s ability to stay on top of every detail. 2018-01-25_0013.jpg

When chatting with Lindsey in preparation for writing this blog, my first question was about what the inspiration was behind the company. What got it all started?

I came to find out that though she had planned many athletic and charitable events in the past, weddings really became her & her hubby Chris’ passion after their own wedding. From the beginning of their relationship they had started taking turns planning sweet and thoughtful dates to take one another on. On one of their dates, Chris toasted to the “collective experiences that brought [them] there”. Little did they know a couple years later it would become the inspiration for the name of the company they would own together.

When it came time- these “collective experiences” were something they made a point to highlight throughout their own wedding day. To Lindsey & Chris- it was important that the wedding party be heavily involved in their union. From planning in extra time in the morning with them, to having them there for their first look and marriage license signing- they made sure that their bridesmaids & groomsmen were witness to it all. They also worked closely with their officiant to craft a ceremony that was both personal and meaningful to them as people and as a couple. They incorporated specific readings, live music, and personal vows that defied the norms of the (sometimes) boring standard ceremony and reflected the two people who everyone had come there to celebrate. If you can believe it- their guests actually gave them a standing ovation when the ceremony had ended!

On their honeymoon in Costa Rica, L & C came to the realization that they might have the ability to make a meaningful wedding day a reality for so many couples, and COLLECTIVE/by Sachs was born. Lindsey says it wasn’t a matter of “if” at that point, but “when”. This was a new mission to accompany their new life as husband and wife.

When it came to roles, Lindsey immediately stepped into more of the lead planning position, as it had been part of her career for so many years prior. Chris’ specialty is that of a wordsmith and he finds value in working one on one with couples to create a meaningful custom ceremony (like their own). Chris is an engaging and charismatic wedding Officiant who is honored to be part of this special life milestone for couples.

They believe whole-heartedly in making their business a team effort just like their marriage, and want to serve as a living example of the healthy, love-minded folks they hope to work with. Aka “practicing what they preach”.

So who exactly is their ideal couple?

According to Lindsey, it’s people who “value authenticity and want to design a day that inspires them and involves their guests in a way that’s true to their collective experiences”. They love working with people who are open minded and who want to design an intentional, creative & personal wedding vs. the cookie cutter norm. 2018-01-25_0010.jpg

COLLECTIVE/by Sachs offers three planning packages, with Full Service and Month-Of Planning & Design providing the most support throughout the process. Their goal is to learn what is most important to you, and design a day that draws upon those collective experiences that brought you and your fiance together. The result is a truly authentic wedding day that ensures you’re free to be present and in the moment with your family and guests.

One of the facets of their company they hold most dear is vendor connection. This team of two is happy to pair couples with vendors who they think will most closely fit their vision & personality, though they’re 100% excited to meet new folks in the industry as well if a couple already has their favorite vendors picked out. Their primary goal is to serve as the “middle of the wheel” in helping to connect everyone and make your day run smoothly.

All in all, I don’t think you could meet a more caring dedicated team to help you plan the wedding of your dreams. Don’t just take my word for it though! Check out their Instagram where they post all kinds of lovely inspirational images from the weddings they’re a part of! Also- be sure not to miss visiting their blog where you can find everything from wedding tips & tricks to vendor/venue recommendations, and even a workout series to get you feeling your best for the big day!

Website : https://www.collectivebysachs.com/

Ways to contact the COLLECTIVE :

email : lindsey@collectivebysachs.com

phone : 763.300.2814

Lindsey Sachs : Boss Lady. Wedding Planner. Amazing Friend.

Hey you! And welcome to my first blog post addressing some of the frequently asked questions I get as a wedding photographer!  After explaining different topics to each individual couple over and over again, I decided it might just be smart to give everyone the basic gist of things, and then we can go from there depending on more specific circumstances.

Probably the most commonly asked questions are in regards to timeline, so I thought it’d be a great place to start!

Things to know when crafting your timeline :

1) To help get things in order, it’s a really great investment to hire a planner/coordinator (if it’s in the budget to do so).  However, if this isn’t in the cards for you for whatever reason, the below should be of some help!  I can also help you tailor your timeline specifically to your day in regards to photos, and typically DJ’s can do the same for the reception. Planners are just more all-encompassing and better at coordinating all of the moving pieces, as it’s their sole focus for the day. No matter what though- we’ll make it work and it’ll be awesome. *fist bump*

2) DON’T STRESS!  Wedding days are crazy, and just know that 99% of the time they don’t go as planned.  Do your best to make a succinct and efficient timeline, but try to stay flexible and give yourself padding as to account for things sometimes running behind.  When brides/grooms get visibly stressed out, it effects everyone around them as well as the photographs.  I can sympathize with the fact that so much energy goes into a wedding day, you want things to run on time and be perfect, but just know you will feel much better and your photos will turn out much better if you just don’t sweat the small stuff.  The small stuff being everything other than saying “I do” to your brand new husband/wife. 🙂

3) As I said above, give yourself padding.  This is a good rule of thumb in general for the day.  The difficult part is figuring out where the line lies between “too much” and “not enough”.  I find when in doubt, an additional 15 minute window between events is never a bad thing.  15 minutes gives you a good amount of leeway in either direction.

4) If you have flexibility and place a high priority on photos, aim to build your schedule around the best light!  The “best” light is usually the hour or two before sunset, and about 15-30 minutes afterwards.

5)  Find (or make) a set time for one major event, be it when your ceremony is to take place, when dinner is to be served, or when you want your portraits to happen.  This is determined based on availability, or preference if you have flexibility.  Then build your timeline around that one set time, try working backwards for the events before, and forwards for those after.

6)  Talk to other married couples you know and ask them for insight.  I would bet almost everyone could tell you about something that ran behind or took longer than they thought.  Use their experiences as a lesson.  Ask yourself what you might do to avoid the issues they ran into.

7)  If you’d like to see examples based on my experiences with over 140 weddings, check out my sample timelines for both “first look” weddings, as well as traditional weddings (where the groom waits for the ceremony to see the bride).

I know that planning can be stressful.  Trying to coordinate how your day will flow can be a headache.  But ya know what?  In the end you get to marry the person in this world that cares about you the most.  You’ve found each other out of all the other people in this world- out of all the people you’ve ever met- you get to be with this one person forever.  So try to just think of the planning as a means to celebrating that amazing fact.  You’ll get through it!  And I’ll help in any way I can.  Please never feel guilty about reaching out with questions, and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

Lastly- if you’re a married person and would like to leave a comment with advice in regards to timeline, I’m sure my future brides would appreciate it so much!

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