Jennifer Morgan

Jennifer Morgan Photography all began in the summer of 2010, fresh out of college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in hand. Being the sentimental sap that I am, wedding, engagement & portrait photography turned out to be my passion and forte. 

Since then I've shot close to 200 weddings and countless portrait sessions across the country, and the globe for that matter. While I love the adventurous mountain weddings in places like my now-home-base of Colorado, one of my favorite weddings of all time was - unexpectedly - in Lancaster, Ohio!
I'm super inspired by love and people anywhere and everywhere! 

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I firmly believe in equal rights for all, and that both the people and the planet are worth fighting for. 
Therefore I've decided to put my money where my mouth is and donate 5% of all Jennifer Morgan Photography profits to one of these great causes.

Recently I have become a proud member of 1% for the Planet, so automatically 1% will be directed there. After that, the remaining 4% will go to one of the three other amazing causes that need our help and attention.

I give everyone a chance to choose which upon booking! If none of these stand out as being particularly near and dear to your heart, no worries!  I'd simply split my donation amongst all of them equally. :) 


We all have our different ways of supporting the people and the causes we care about!
For me, it's a constant evolution and I'm always so happy to learn new things. 
As of now, these are the ways in which I try to be conscious and impactful via my company... and I hope to add more soon!
Scroll through to see the causes I support and efforts I have pledged to make as a small business owner! 

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It makes me unbelievably sad -and at the same time, fired up- that equal rights is something we still can't agree upon as a nation. 

Jennifer Morgan Photography tries to be a solid ally to the LGBTQ+ community and all other minorities. 

Here are a few ways I try to support these communities : 

- I will not knowingly work with any discriminatory vendors.  

- I donate to equal rights foundations (ACLU & HRC), contact my representatives, and participate in marches.  

- I welcome all clients of different races, identities, sexual orientation, and faiths to reach out. I would love to meet you! 

If you have any input/insight as to how I can be a better ally and are willing to put in the emotional labor to educate me further, I would LOVE to hear from you! 
Drop me a note! 


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Though the photography world is far from being the worst offender when it comes to sustainability and carbon footprints, I still feel responsible to try and mitigate my impact as an individual and a company. 

Here are some of the way's I manage JMP's impact : 

- As of August 2019, I will be carbon offsetting for my travel (driving, flights, hotel stay, etc). 

- Prints included with portrait/wedding packages are ordered through Bay Photo, which is a Green Certified Business. 

- Buy used gear when possible.  

- Conduct as much business online as possible vs. using paper goods and other materials. 

- Donate to 1% for the Planet & Protect Our Winters.

If you have any input/insight as to how I can be a better ally and are willing to put in the labor to educate me further, I would LOVE to hear from you! Drop me a note! 


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Kristen & Neil

"Jennifer Morgan Photography was a godsend.
From the very start, she was so accommodating and understanding of our vision: moody, film-like images that captured *genuine* emotions and moments from our wedding day. She fully understood what we wanted and it made everything so effortless - and fun.
We are beyond thrilled with what she delivered us."


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