Shoot & Share Contest Results : 2018

Another year, another Shoot & Share contest!

For those of you who have never heard of it- the Shoot & Share Photo Contest is a yearly affair that encourages photographers from around the world to enter their 50 best images over 25 categories.  The photos are then shuffled and  shown in groups of 4, where voters are prompted to choose their favorite image without any knowledge of who the photographer is. This prevents it from becoming a popularity contest based on followers and keeps the playing field level for everyone!

While my images didn’t perform quite as well as they did last year, I can safely say the 2018 competition was FIERCE and I’m honestly surprised I placed as well as I did. Both last year and this year, 35 of the 50 images I submitted placed in the top 30% or higher in their respective categories.

Overall I had :

– 6 images place as “Finalists” (in the top 500 of their category)

– 10 in the top 10%

– 10 in the top 20%

– 9 in the top 30%

It’s always a fun way to see what other folks are coming up with, how styles are changing, and overall gain so much inspiration and support one another across the globe in this art we call “photography”.

Here are my 35 best-ranked photos from the competition including some info (for those of you who are curious) as to the category they were submitted to as to how they ranked within that category. 🙂 Check ’em out!


The Groom. 124/3,142.

The Wedding Couple. 845/36,983.

Emotion & Excitement. 717/8,800.

Wedding Details. 359/16,755.

Guests & Reception. 304/5,689.

Babies & Toddlers. 202/28,425.

TOP 10%

(listed from top to bottom)

The Wedding Couple. 845/36,983.

The Wedding Couple. 1,468/36,983.

The Wedding Couple. 3,191/36,983.

The Wedding Couple. 3,439/36,983.

The Wedding Couple. 3,490/36,983. 2018-03-26_0008.jpg

Emotion & Excitement. 717/8,800.

The Bride. 666/14,265.

Engagement & Couples. 1,405/37,145.

Lifestyle / Family Documentary. 1,365/19,330.

Kids. 2,322/35,570.
2018-03-26_0009.jpgTOP 20%

Wedding Details. 2,934/16,755.

Wedding Details. 3,002/16,755.

The Wedding Couple. 3,993/36,983.

The Wedding Couple. 6,121/36,983.

The Bride. 2,521/14,265.

Family Portraits. 4,732/26,983.

Lifestyle / Family Documentary. 2,369/19,330.

Lifestyle / Family Documentary. 3,663/19,330.

Pets / Animals. 1,676/14,426.

Travel / Landscape. 1,818/16,373.
2018-03-26_0021.jpgTOP 30%

The Wedding Couple. 8,021/36,983.

The Wedding Couple. 8,462/36,983.

The Wedding Couple. 9,368/36,983. 2018-03-26_0022.jpg

Wedding Details. 4,597/16,755.

Emotion & Excitement. 1,976/8,800.2018-03-26_0025.jpg

The Bride. 4,192/14,2652018-03-26_0023.jpg

Engagement & Couples. 7,806/37,145. 2018-03-26_0024.jpg

The Wedding Party. 2,133/9,135.2018-03-26_0028.jpg

Teens & Seniors. 8,172/29,460.2018-03-26_0027.jpg

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for taking interest in my work! 🙂 Hopefully I can top my previous two years in 2019!

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Shoot & Share Contest Results : 2018

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    All fantastic shots, Jenny!

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