Kali & Adam’s Laid Back Spring Wedding – Columbus, Ohio

You know those crazy serendipitous times when you realize how small the world really is? I had one such experience that involves this awesome couple, and it will always be one of the first things I think of when I think about the different worlds which collided with Kali & Adam.

Long story short, 2 weeks after their Columbus, Ohio wedding Kali & Adam showed up as guests to a wedding I was shooting in Black Mountain, North Carolina! This was completely bananas because Kali found me through her sister Kirsten (who’s wedding I’d shot 2 years prior), and the bride in Black Mountain found me through a mutual friend of hers and mine who I’d met in North Carolina! It just so happened that Adam and his family had known the North Carolina couple and therefore were invited to the wedding, without realizing that I’d be there as their photographer as well!

A bit confusing…. but trust me. It was crazy AND awesome and we’re all connected by at most that 7 degrees of separation.

Anyways- please scroll through and enjoy this fun-loving spring wedding in the heart of Ohio! It makes me so happy to revisit this day through images, and I hope it gives you the fuzzies as well!

2018-01-17_0011.jpg 2018-01-17_0013.jpg 2018-01-17_0014.jpg 2018-01-17_0015.jpg 2018-01-17_0016.jpg 2018-01-17_0017.jpg 2018-01-17_0018.jpg 2018-01-17_0019.jpg 2018-01-17_0020.jpg 2018-01-17_0021.jpg 2018-01-17_0022.jpg 2018-01-17_0023.jpg 2018-01-17_0024.jpg 2018-01-17_0025.jpg 2018-01-17_0026.jpg 2018-01-17_0027.jpg 2018-01-17_0028.jpg 2018-01-17_0029.jpg 2018-01-17_0030.jpg 2018-01-17_0031.jpg 2018-01-17_0032.jpg 2018-01-17_0033.jpg 2018-01-17_0034.jpg 2018-01-17_0035.jpg 2018-01-17_0036.jpg 2018-01-17_0037.jpg 2018-01-17_0038.jpg 2018-01-17_0039.jpg 2018-01-17_0040.jpg 2018-01-17_0041.jpg 2018-01-17_0042.jpg 2018-01-17_0043.jpg 2018-01-17_0044.jpg 2018-01-17_0045.jpg 2018-01-17_0046.jpg 2018-01-17_0047.jpg 2018-01-17_0048.jpg 2018-01-17_0049.jpg 2018-01-17_0050.jpg 2018-01-17_0051.jpg

Song : Let It Be Me – Ray LaMontagne





Kali & Adam’s Laid Back Spring Wedding – Columbus, Ohio

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