Maggie & Kyle’s Cloudy-Day Hocking Hills Engagement Session

Um… guys… these photos were taken in OHIO! Out of all of the places I’ve been in my “home state”, Maggie & Kyle picked the best of the best for their engagement photos and wedding. If you want to get out of the cities or off the farm and enter truly beautiful wilderness, go no further than Hocking Hills. The legendary and popular “Old Mans Cave” area never disappoints- with lush trees, towering sandstone cliff sides and waterfalls pretty much everywhere throughout.

Maggie & Kyle are an adventurous couple who love to hike, climb & camp. (My people of course.) They spent their afternoon recalling trip tales, funny memories, laughing together, and of course giving each other lots of kisses. 🙂

I’ve made sure to include some of the great moments that don’t usually make the Instagram feed… like Kyle doing the “leg wrap” (what is it with guys loving to do this? Bobby does it too!), and Maggie missing the jumping high-five and instead poking her fingers straight into Kyle’s eyes. Keep a look out for them as you scroll through!

2018-01-16_0033.jpg 2018-01-16_0034.jpg 2018-01-16_0035.jpg 2018-01-16_0036.jpg 2018-01-16_0037.jpg 2018-01-16_0038.jpg 2018-01-17_0001.jpg 2018-01-17_0002.jpg 2018-01-17_0003.jpg 2018-01-17_0004.jpg 2018-01-17_0005.jpg 2018-01-17_0006.jpg 2018-01-17_0007.jpg 2018-01-17_0008.jpg 2018-01-17_0009.jpg 2018-01-17_0010.jpg

Song : Two of Us On the Run – Lucius





Maggie & Kyle’s Cloudy-Day Hocking Hills Engagement Session

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