A Year in Review : Best of 2017

“Do you think we’ll ever just have a quiet year at Hogwarts?” – Ron Weasley.

Does anyone feel this way about their lives year to year?  I feel like every time I reflect on the events of the last 12 months of my life, I always want to exclaim how crazy they’ve been!  This year was no exception.

Though moving to Colorado slightly pushed the reset button on the word of mouth/success I’d found in Ohio and North Carolina, I was still fortunate enough to be able to work with so many amazing couples, families, companies, and individuals this year.  I seriously can’t even put into words how much it’s meant to be a part of peoples stories and truly life-changing days.  I’m constantly grateful to the clients who have become friends and treat me like family.

My total session count was :

  • 23 weddings
  • 18 couples/engagement sessions
  • 2 styled bridal sessions
  • 6 small businesses
  • 8 families


And they took me to these places :

  • Lake Tahoe & Auburn, CA
  • New Zealand
  • Columbus & Lancaster, OH
  • Asheville, Black Mountain & Dunn, NC
  • Costa Rica
  • Prior Lake, MN
  • Moab, UT
  • All over Colorado : Breckenridge, Vail, Ouray, Telluride, Silver Plume & more!


My personal life has been quite the adventure as well!  I got to ice climb, road trip across the country, explore the mountains in my backyard with the greatest friends, travel to two different countries, and all within the course of 2017 became a homeowner, a fiance, and a mother-to-be.  I’m honestly kind of shocked it’s already December with how quickly the time has flown!  But you know what they say- it tends to do so when you’re having fun!  And this was one very crazy, but very fun year.  Cheers to 2017, and making the best of it!

My song for the year has been one of my favorites for a long time, but the CO Symphony version is that much better.  To add meaning, I’ve always called it the “husband” song (how goofy is that?) because I firmly believed if I ever met a guy that just felt like this song sounds, he would be my future husband.  Well… I found one, and I’m engaged to him.  Life is funny. 🙂

2017-12-14_0038.jpg 2017-12-14_0039.jpg2017-12-14_0040.jpg 2017-12-14_0041.jpg 2017-12-14_0042.jpg 2017-12-14_0043.jpg 2017-12-14_0044.jpg 2017-12-14_0045.jpg 2017-12-14_0046.jpg 2017-12-14_0047.jpg2017-12-14_0048.jpg 2017-12-14_0049.jpg 2017-12-14_0050.jpg 2017-12-14_0051.jpg 2017-12-14_0052.jpg 2017-12-14_0053.jpg 2017-12-14_0054.jpg 2017-12-14_0055.jpg 2017-12-14_0056.jpg 2017-12-14_0057.jpg 2017-12-14_0058.jpg 2017-12-14_0059.jpg 2017-12-14_0060.jpg 2017-12-14_0061.jpg 2017-12-14_0062.jpg 2017-12-14_0063.jpg 2017-12-14_0064.jpg 2017-12-14_0065.jpg 2017-12-14_0066.jpg 2017-12-14_0067.jpg 2017-12-14_0068.jpg 2017-12-14_0069.jpg 2017-12-14_0070.jpg 2017-12-14_0071.jpg 2017-12-14_0072.jpg 2017-12-14_0073.jpg 2017-12-14_0074.jpg

Song : Stable Song – Gregory Alan Isakov

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A Year in Review : Best of 2017

  1. JENNY! oh my word. i dont even know how to say with actual words how beauitful all of these are. I can just feeeeeel how each moment mustve felt when it was happening. You have a gift, you are stupid amounts of talented and this collective post shows just how incredible you are.

  2. Cara says:

    Woman! These are stellar! I am absolutely in love with your work. You had one amazing year and I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings you!

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