Meredith & TJ’s Hiker-Happy Engagement Session on Black Balsam Knob, NC

I cannot say enough about Meredith Heard.  This girl is straight up amazing.  The amount of guidance and help she gave a total stranger was baffling, and a testament to who she is as a person.  Generous, kind, and gives her all even when there is no personal gain involved.  Meredith single handedly helped me book at least 3 weddings in my first (and only full) season as a North Carolina wedding photographer, and all in all just seems to know/is friends with everyone.  So you can only imagine someone capable of snagging this lady must be incredibly special themselves.  From the brief time I got to spend with TJ, I can safely say he is all that and more.

TJ is an avid outdoorsman type, including the sarcasm and wit that often accompanies those who have to entertain themselves and each other without the conveniences of the city-life.  He kept Meredith both weirded out (in the best way) and laughing the entire time.  *Note the blur that is TJ lemur-leaping through the air to surprise Meredith.  As with so many couples, they seem to balance each other out, and you can tell he genuinely loves and appreciates her.

For their engagement session with me they decided to do something that speaks to their shared interest of hiking, and what better place to convey South Eastern hiking than a bald off the Blue Ridge Parkway.

I’m so so happy for these two to make it official in November and continue trekking through life together. <3 Congrats ya lovebirds!

2017-08-13_0001.jpg2017-08-13_0002.jpg 2017-08-13_0004.jpg 2017-08-13_0005.jpg 2017-08-13_0006.jpg 2017-08-13_0007.jpg 2017-08-13_0008.jpg 2017-08-13_0009.jpg 2017-08-13_0010.jpg 2017-08-13_0011.jpg 2017-08-13_0012.jpg 2017-08-13_0013.jpg 2017-08-13_0014.jpg 2017-08-13_0015.jpg

Song : Angela – The Lumineers





Meredith & TJ’s Hiker-Happy Engagement Session on Black Balsam Knob, NC

  1. Tracy says:

    They’re so beautiful! Thanks for capturing their love.

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