Day 9 : Mt. Roy

Bobby had taken off on his bike tour, the wedding guests were departing to their various locations, and I finally was able to spend some time with my best friend and amazing adventure buddy, KB.  We sat on the rocky beach of Lake Wanaka catching up.  It’s so odd to talk to someone nearly every day only to move 1000 miles away with a 2 hour time difference. Strangely enough, we got to reunite in New Zealand of all places.

KB has always (attempted) to keep me in check, she’s a rock of a friend, and even with all of Colorado’s amazing beauty and the love of an amazing dude, there’s always something missing.  *SHAMELESS PLUG TO KB & BRANDON TO PLEASE MOVE OUT TO COLORADO ASAP*.  😉

We decided we couldn’t waste a beautiful bluebird day in Wanaka just sitting around chatting, so we decided to take to the trail and climb the all-popular Mt. Roy.  When we got to the parking lot, Matty Ice (one of KB’s old time guide buddies and an awesome guy) joined up with us for the hike.  Mt. Roy is a steep trek, gaining almost 4200 ft in elevation in 5 miles (a 10 mile out and back).  We just kept going up.  And up some more.  Finally we reached the viewpoints and the tower at the top, and were rewarded with some of the most amazing views we’d ever seen.  That is until we hiked Ben Lemond.  But that’ll be for a different blog post. 🙂

For now, enjoy the photos from our time spent on this beautiful mountain.

2017-03-12_0019.jpg 2017-03-12_0020.jpg 2017-03-12_0021.jpg 2017-03-12_0022.jpg 2017-03-12_0023.jpg 2017-03-12_0024.jpg 2017-03-12_0025.jpg 2017-03-12_0026.jpg 2017-03-12_0027.jpg 2017-03-12_0028.jpg 2017-03-12_0029.jpg

Song : Boy 1904 – Jonsi & Alex





Day 9 : Mt. Roy

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