Shoot & Share Contest Results

My move to Colorado may be the best thing I’ve ever done for me.  For my business on the other hand- it’s been a super trying experience in many ways.  As with most things though- “anything worth having doesn’t come easy”.  You just have to work harder out here to make it- plain and simple.  I’ve never been so focused on bettering my business, and never so excited to do so either.  That doesn’t mean that the struggle isn’t so. freaking. real. sometimes though.  Which is why this contest was a much needed affirmation that I DO NOT SUCK at photography!  Holllllllla for that!

For those of you who have never heard of it- the Shoot & Share Photo Contest is a yearly affair that’s much akin to Christmas for us photographers.  It’s a free competition where photographers from all over submit their very best images (up to 50) to a choice of 25 different categories.  Those images are then voted on and ranked according to the number of votes the received. This was the first year I’ve entered photos in the competition- which I only did as a result of the inspiration I received from other Colorado photogs.    I submitted the max (50) images and sat around biting my nails wondering how they’d do.

I’m happy to say they did pretty well.  35 out of my 50 placed in the top 30% or higher of their category.  4 placed in the top 30%, while 12 made it to the top 20%, 9 in the top 10%, 8 made it into the top 500 images in their category (aka “Finalist” images), and 2 made it into the top 100, while one of those 2 actually took 3rd place for the “That Just Happened” category.  Granted- art & photography are subjective things, so I take the results with a grain of salt.  But I can’t help but be grateful for the amount of encouragement the contest gave me, and thankful to all of those who voted for my images. <3   Here’s the 35 that kicked butt with their rankings underneath.  Enjoy!  Oh and here’s a song to listen to while you scroll, just because I’ve been obsessed with it lately and am feeling happy. 🙂

2017-03-23_0001.jpgKelli & Adam – Columbus Zoo.  3rd out of 4,317 images submitted to the “That Just Happened” category.
2017-03-23_0002.jpgAshley & Patrick – The Windsor Boutique Hotel. 34/13,834 “Just the Bride”.

2017-03-23_0003.jpgAndrea & Weston.  Tahoe Vistana Inn. 220/6,395.  “Details: All Dressed Up”.2017-03-23_0004.jpgAndrea & Weston.  Tahoe Vistana Inn. 381/3,037.  “Just the Groom”. 2017-03-23_0005.jpgAndrea & Weston.  Alibi Brewery. 172/5,294.  “Guests & Reception”. 2017-03-23_0006.jpgJessica & Spencer.  Pilot Mountain. 223/32,282. “Engagement & Couples”. 2017-03-23_0007.jpgJun & Tristan. El Matador State Park. 477/32,282. “Engagement & Couples”. 2017-03-23_0008.jpgKristen & Chris.  The Renaissance Hotel. 184/6,395. “Details : All Dressed Up”. 2017-03-23_0009.jpgKacie & Matthew. Homewood Suites. 172/9,197. “Emotion & Excitement”.
2017-03-23_0010.jpgNatalie & Jeff.  Rockmill Brewery. 188/35,527. “The Wedding Couple”.
2017-03-23_0011.jpgAshley & Patrick. Black Balsam. 1,343/32,282. “Engagement & Couples”. 2017-03-23_0012.jpgNatalie & Jeff. Rockmill Brewery. 2,050/35,527. “The Wedding Couple”.2017-03-23_0013.jpgKaitlin & Drew. Piney Lake. 2,241/32,282. “Engagement & Couples”.
2017-03-23_0014.jpgJun & Tristan. El Matador State Park. 2,467/32,282. “Engagement & Couples”.2017-03-23_0015.jpgKatie. Mud Lake. 814/17,751. “People Portraits”.2017-03-23_0016.jpgThe Taco. White Rim Trail. 1,116/11,905. “Wanderlust”. 2017-03-23_0017.jpgNatalie & Jeff. Rockmill Brewery. 681/7,635. “Details : Cake, Flower & Decor”.
2017-03-23_0018.jpgNatalie & Jeff.  Rockmill Brewery.  711/13,834. “Just the Bride”. 2017-03-23_0019.jpgBrooke Jagger. Asheville. 1,282/17,751. “People Portraits”.2017-03-23_0020.jpgAlli Donnell. Moab. 1,451/11,905. “Wanderlust”. 2017-03-23_0021.jpgAlex & Mary. Joshua Tree. 5,309/32,282. “Engagement & Couples”. 2017-03-23_0022.jpgTrees. Caribou/Nederland. 1,542/11,905. “Wanderlust”. 2017-03-23_0023.jpgAlli & Nick. Breckenridge. 775/6,395. “Details : All Dressed Up”.
2017-03-23_0024.jpgAndrea & Weston. Tahoe Vistana Inn. 844/6,395. “Details : All Dressed Up”. 2017-03-23_0025.jpgRyan & Brittany. Swan Mountain. 4,309/32,282. “Engagement & Couples”. 2017-03-23_0026.jpgJackie & Dayne. The Cabin Ridge. 1,278/8,304. “Details : Ring Shot”. 2017-03-23_0027.jpgJun & Tristan. Palos Verdes. 3,763/32,282. “Engagement & Couples”.2017-03-23_0028.jpgHiking. Emerald Lake. 1,197/11,905. “Wanderlust”.
2017-03-23_0029.jpgNatalie & Jeff. Rockmill Brewery. 720/6,395. “Details : All Dressed Up”. 2017-03-23_0030.jpgAmanda & Mark. Mooresville. 5,433/35,527. “The Wedding Couple”.2017-03-23_0031.jpgNatalie & Jeff. Rockmill Brewery. 692/5,294. “Guests & Reception”. 2017-03-23_0032.jpgKristen & Chris. The Renaissance Hotel. 2,384/10,037. “The Wedding Party”. 2017-03-23_0033.jpgKelli & Adam. Columbus Zoo. 7,184/35,527. “The Wedding Couple”. 2017-03-23_0034.jpgCourtney & Max. Columbus.  4,583/22,299. “Families”.
2017-03-23_0035.jpgClessie. Allenspark. 4,797/20,266. “People Portraits”.

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Shoot & Share Contest Results

  1. Denise Shedloski says:

    Jenny these are stunning. Congrats to you on the recognition greatly deserved. Plus, the music DOES make me happy.

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