Exploring My New Home – Colorado Hiking

Do you know the exquisite feeling of LOVING the place you live?  What about actually being excited to come back from “vacation”?  I never knew those feelings until now.  The other day I was on the plane back to Colorado from Arizona, and I never really pay much attention to the announcements on flights but this one caught my ear.  The pilot was telling us about the weather in Denver, etc.  I was looking out over the snowcapped mountains and thinking how beautiful they were, and then I heard him say “Welcome Home”.   I think I smiled from ear to ear … Colorado.  My home.

Before the craziness of the last 2 weeks, I had made it a point to do at least a hike a week.  Here are just a few shots from some of my recent jaunts in the mountains. 🙂

Golden Gate Canyon State Park – Blue Grouse Trail
2017-03-12_0001.jpg 2017-03-12_0002.jpg 2017-03-12_0003.jpg 2017-03-12_0004.jpg 2017-03-12_0005.jpg 2017-03-12_0006.jpg

Golden Gate Canyon State Park – Beaver Trail 2017-03-12_0007.jpg 2017-03-12_0008.jpg 2017-03-12_0009.jpg 2017-03-12_0010.jpg

Chautauqua Park – Royal Arch Hike w/ Cara Elizabeth. 2017-03-12_0011.jpg 2017-03-12_0012.jpg

Mt. Falcon Park – Castle Trail to Walkers Dream
2017-03-12_0013.jpg 2017-03-12_0014.jpg 2017-03-12_0015.jpg 2017-03-12_0016.jpg 2017-03-12_0017.jpg 2017-03-12_0018.jpg

Golden Gate Canyon State Park – Raccoon Trail 





Exploring My New Home – Colorado Hiking

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